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Bio - CV 



Born 1948.  

1967 -1970 -  Studied nursing  at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.  

1974 - 1977  - Psychology studies  at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel .  

1984 - 1988 - Art Studies  at Maimad art school, Tel-Aviv, Israel.  Finished her Art studies with excellence.





                         One Woman Shows


2008  - "Forbidden art"  The White House Gallery at the Sculptures Park,  kibbutz Nir-Oz, Israel. 


           - "Words and Colors""Hakitor" Gallery, Kibbutz Magen, Israel.


2007  - "Memory" The Mevoa Gallery at the World wide Heritage, Masada National Park, Israel.


2005  - "Here" Beer-Sheva Museum. Curator - Noga Raved, Beer- Sheva, Israel.


           - Sapir college Gallery, Sderot Conference for Society, Israel.


           - Street Gallery Eisenberg, Dizengoff Center, Curator - Naomi Shalev, Tel - Aviv, Israel.


           - Holon Women's Festival, Holon Theatre. Curator -  Giora Orian, Holon, Israel. 


2002  - Lesley college Gallery, Netanya, Israel.


           - Be'ery Gallery, Curator - Ziva Yalin, Beeri, Israel.


           - Many kibbutz galleries all over the country, Israel.


2001  - Key College, Curator - Rachel Krupp Beer-Sheva, Israel.


1998  - "Study of Chaos" Ben-Gurion University, International Scientific Conference about the Chaos

              theory by Ben - Gurion University and Bar - Ilan University, Curator - Yona Levy Grosman,

              Beer-Sheva, Israel.


           -  Israeli Presidential Residence Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.


1997  - " Here" Omer industrial Park Museum. Curator -  Rachel Krupp, Omer, Israel.


1991  - Key College Gallery, Curator - Rachel Krupp, Beer-Sheva, Israel.


1984  - "Memories" Art House Gallery, Curator - Yona Levy Grosman, Opened by Former Prime

             Minister Itzchak Rabin, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


1981  - Weinberg gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.





                         Group Shows

2018  - " Women paint - landscape" - Zaritsky Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curators - Ruth Markus and Ruti   



            - ”Rena’ssance”  -  A project in the field of  Augmented Reality art. "Rena's House, Tel Aviv.  Managers 

                 Ran Geffn and Boaz Belachsan . In cooperation with the Austrian software house that developed the ARTIVIVE



2014  - "Personal stories", Municipal gallery, Curator - Yona Levy Grosman, Ramat Hasharon,



2013-15  - "Magic of the Cosmos" Science Museum Carasso Park, Curator - Haim Maor,

                     Beer - Sheva, Israel. 


2011-12  - "Close to home, place and memory" A traveling exhibition which was shown in galleries

                    and cultural institutions in Israel, organized by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, Israel.


2011  - "Not romantic, not heroic" Beery Gallery,  Curator - Ziva Yellin, Kibbutz Beeri, Israel.


2010  - "My place - Your place" A traveling exhibition of cultural centers and galleries in

               Mexico City, Mexico.


2008-09  - " INSIDE ISRAEL"  China Three Gorges Museum, Curators - Iris Elhanani and Mr. Yang

                        Chaupang, 60 leading contemporary Israeli photographers on Israel's 60th anniversary.                                                 The Inside Israel exhibition traveled around China in many cities. The project in China                                                       was born following the order of Museum curator of the Three Gorges Museum Chongqing,                                           Harbin,Beijing and Shanghai, China.


2008  - " México – Eshkol, celebrando los 60 años de Israel " Pedro Gerson Gallery,  Mexico City    

                     -      Ciudad de México   Exposición “México – Eshkol, celebrando los 60 años de Israel”, Mexico                                        City, Mexico.


            - Asia House Tel - Aviv. Exhibition following the French art book production. Published by                       

                LA GAZETTE DES ARTS. 


            - "Beck Science Center" Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.


2005  Alternative Art Gallery, Within the activity of the I.C.A group, Jafa - Tel - Aviv, Israel.


            - Talpiot College,  Curators -  Tzipora Luria and Avner Bar-Hama, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


2004  Shfela Museum, Curator - Moshe Saidi, Kfar Menachem, Israel.


2003  Kastra gallery, Haifa.


2002  Hanita Museum, Hanita, Israel.


            - Michigan University Gallery, a group exhibition of artists from Kay College at  the

              University of Michigan, USA. 


2001  Kastra gallery, Haifa, Israel.


           - "Violence against Women", Series of exhibitions on that subject in the artists workshop                                  Hadera, Bar David Museum, the Museum of Hanita, Castra Gallery Haifa and more, Israel.


2000  Bar-David Museum, Bar-Am, Israel.


           - Hanita Museum, Hanita, Israel.


1999  Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


1998 Zero gallery,  I.C.A group an international group of Artists Exhibitions, Barcelona, Spain.


1997  Nahbir - an environmental sculpture in the western Negev - a group project, Curator -                                Ziva Yalin, Beeri, Israel.


1994 "Wine Celebrations" Rishon Lezion Gallery, Curator - David Katz, Rishon Lezion, Israel.


1991  Chagall house, Artists hous, Haifa, Israel.


           - Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


1990 House of American Zionist , Tel-Aviv, Israel.


           - Eked Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


1988  - "Yeziramon", 40 artists gathered in order to establish a new Museum in the desert town                                  Mitzpe Ramon. Curator - Gideon Ofrat, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.


           - Beer-Sheva Museum, Curator - Hava Mehutan, Beer-Sheva, Israel.




                         Books & Projects


2015  - "LendEscape",  Participating in an international Art Magazine published in United                                              Kingdom. Including a large Art review about my art work


           - "Art Yellow book", Participating in CICA Museum (South Korea) art book project “Art                                                    Yellow Book.” Featuring artists from around the world, released in the United States and                                             Korea in fall, 2015.


2013  - "You Me and our Messiah",  Publishing my own book of paintings and poems, 

               EBook on Amazon.


           - "My name is Miriam", Publishing my own Historical novel for children, including my                                                   paintings, EBook on Amazon.


2007  - "The Artists Track in ISRAEL", Participating in an Art Book, Curator Bella Shomer-Zaichik,                                           published by Modan Publishing House, Ben-Shemen, Israel.


           - Establishment of a forum of writers and poets and evenings of poetry reading,

              Eshkol Regional Council, Israel 


2005 - "ART in ISRAEL - Contemporary artists".  Participating in an Art Book published by World                                           of Art, London, England. 


           - "FAMOUS, 120 Contemporary Artists "   Participating in an Art Book published by World                                             of Art, London, England.  


2003 "kacha-ze" Establishment of art and writing a column for a local newspaper, Eshkol                                                     Regional Council, Israel


2001  - Love is Insane” Publishing my own book of painting and poems, Publishing house "Sifriat                                         Hapoalim", Tel-Aviv,  Israel.  






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