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Books I wrote which are decorated with my paintings, and publications including aricles about my art work.

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My book,  
"My name is   M i r i a m"

This is a magical story about Miriam, the sister of Moses. Some people call her Maria or Mary, but this is the girl who was named Miriam for the first time ever. 
Through the life of Miriam, we learn how a little girl changed her bitter fate as a slave and in doing so she changed the destiny of the whole slave nation, the Hebrew Nation. 
Like every historic event, the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt began with a small human heroism. 
The Bible is an infinite source of inspiration for many writers throughout generations. 
A good literature for children deals with the basic questions about life in a funny way. 
This is a mighty story, for kids, about the power of love, patience and study. 
This children's book has been written with humor and is suitable for all ages. 
Perfect as a gift for the holidays

My Art and Poetry ebook,  
"You, Me and our Messiah"

Good poetry is a result of deep insight. Words and sights are blown by the wind just like the words of the prophets. 

My Art and Poetry book (Hebrew ),  
"Love Is Insane"

In the introduction to Yona's paintings and
poems book "Love is Insane" 
professor Dan Kedar wrote the following:

"Yona Levy-Grosman unites with the 
desert. She is the desert.
It is this desert that leaves its
fingerprints on her works.
The topography of the fingerprints
is the desert.
A three-dimensional, many layered
topography. A topography of crevices' 
of rocks. Of ancients landscapes.
A splinted topography.

Alone in infinity – kneeling before the
brilliance, Gnawed and reuniting, her 
act is that of Creation.
The desert winds join her in their unique
hum, The thrilling desert whistling,
And carry it like a Joshua tree across the
open spaces And it floats and creates 
its haven from the sea of hardships 
Creating the ultimate refuge Closed in 
and attentive to the silence of the world."




A publication including an Art review about my art work
United Kingdom.
Art Review, 7th Edition, a Special Anniversary Summer Edition Issue 2015

About "Art Yellow Book on Yeutube

CICA Museum (South Korea)  invites artists to submit works for consideration for the art book project “Art Yellow Book.” Art Yellow Book, featuring artists from around the world, will be released in the United States and Korea in fall, 2015. Selected artists will have an opportunity to hold an exhibition at CICA Museum. Each artist may freely organize two facing pages in the book, considering these pages a form of exhibition and advertisement of self and/or work. There are no rules or restrictions regarding the layout, design, or content, except that the artist’s name, email address, website 

A publication including my art work

Read my pages or download the article about me as a PDF file

LandEscape is launching the 7th edition of "LandEscape Now!", an international contemporary art competition, which introduces nine works of art by nine international artists selected from the international scenario in various fine arts disciplines.

 Fine Art Photography

     Audio / Sound
     Performative Arts
     Mixed Art
     Public Art


FAMOUS is a collective contemporary artists book edited and published by Masters of Today Collective Art Books Series at World of Art. The book is an overview of contemporary art, a resource book for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, art collectors, who seek the latest trends in the art world. FAMOUS including 121 profiles of artists reporting on the art, personalities and art styles that shape today art world. Over 264 page, hardcover, more than 584 works and many others.

A publication including my art work
See Publisher, WOA , United Kingdom.
A publication including my art work
"Art in Israel"
See Publisher, WOA , United Kingdom.

One of the most up-to-date publications to offer an authoritative overview of the contemporary art in Israel: 15 of the most representative Israeli artists with over 215 works and features pithy introductory commentaries by the artists or critics. An overview of contemporary art in Israel, a collectible resource book for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, art collectors, who seek the latest trends in the art world.

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